Dr. Jabbour has authored three books in Arabic and four in English: Unshackled and Growing: Muslims and Christians on the Journey to Freedom; The Rumbling Volcano on Islamic Fundamentalism; and The Unseen Reality on spiritual warfare. His latest book, The Crescent Through the Eyes of the Cross, on the Muslims worldview, has been reprinted eight times.


The Crescent Through the Eyes of the Cross

The Crescent Through The Eyes Of The Cross, unpacks and addresses the issues that describe the worldview of Muslims. Currently it is in its 8th printing.


Unshackled and Growing

Like Mahatma Gandhi, are you attracted to Christ but not to Western Christianity?


The Rumbling Volcano

Where are these Muslims praying and why?


The Unseen Reality

A friend who was reading the revised edition of The Unseen Reality wrote: "I am a third of the way through The Unseen Reality. Your teaching always leads me one more step away from legalism and one step closer to Christ and, as such, closer to both my brothers and outsiders. You are a special, gifted man. I pray this book gets widely read."

When the Iraq War started, mass media around the world carried the news.


Itiba' el Maseeh, Hal Huwa Ta'geez?

This book has been reprinted in Egypt more then ten times. It is written to an Arab Christian audience and It is designed to help the young Christians to grow on the solid foundation of the Scriptures and on a path of growth in an atmosphere of grace and discipleship. This book is available in printed format in Egypt.


Fi Khuta Sayid

Fi Khuta Sayid (In the Footsteps of the Master) is a book in Arabic written to Muslims in user friendly language and to Christians who are willing to journey with them. It addresses briefly the gospel and goes into more detail on how to follow Christ and develop disciplines of grace in an atmosphere of grace. The second half of the book Unshackled and Growing has great similarities to the book in Arabic, Fi Khuta Sayid


Al Kiraza Hubon Wa U'bour

A book in Arabic on evangelism as proclamation and a loving friendship.

This book is available in printed format in Egypt.