Here are four very important blogs followed by some articles written in the past that still have significance today. Some are written by Dr. Jabbour and some are written by others. Please read these four blogs in order before you read the articles.

A) ISIS/ISIL: Ten Reasons Muslims are Eager to Join.

B) ISIL Theological Roots: Ten Men

C) ISIL Theological Roots: The Next Three Men

D) ISIL Theological Roots: The Last Two Men


Why do they hate us?

It is hard to understand why some Muslim Fundamentalists would hate us so much. We can find some clues from the lives of two pillars of Islamic Fundamentalism, Hasan al Banna and Sayid Qutb, especially  after the tragic events of 9/11.  


Islamic Fundamentalism: Implications for Missions

Looking at a Picasso painting and finding out that it was sold for a huge sum of money is a cultural shock. Why would anybody pay so much money for such a "strange" painting? Of course it has tremendous value as an investment, but I have a hard time finding the beauty in that kind of art. If this reveals anything, it reveals my ignorance with that kind of art. I need someone who understands the genius of Picasso to interpret his art for me.



An open letter from Leighton Ford to young Christian leaders written just before the Iraq War, and I highly recommend it. Formerly Dr. L. Ford was with the Billy Graham organization and now he has his leadership development ministry.