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Under certain conditions I am available to speak in churches.  To connect with me please fill out the form below:

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My top priority for the next few years is to teach my course on Islam and the Geopolitics of the Middle East to non seminarians. I have taught this course at several seminaries for many years and since June 2016, I started teaching my course to eager learners outside seminaries. Please go to this blog for information about my course. If you are interested, please contact me.

A man wrote: "My heart was deeply moved this morning at church when Dr. Nabeel Jabbour spoke about how we as Christians are to respond to Islamic Fundamentalism. I was expecting some practical tips and techniques on how to talk to Muslims, but instead we were given a plea for something much deeper. Dr. Jabbour challenged us to ask God to change OUR hearts, have compassion and pray." This message was sent to Dr. Jabbour by a church member in one of the churches where Dr. Jabbour preached in the Sunday services.  


Dr. Jabbour's church program varies from one place to another. It could be Sunday only, or a two-day combination of Saturday-Sunday or Sunday-Monday. Here is a typical weekend program:
Arrive on Saturday.

Sunday morning services. Preach on the topic, "The Great Omission." Allow 45 minutes for the sermon. (He gives a challenge for transforming 9/11 into passion for the Great Commission and motivates people to pray).
Sunday evening. A two hours seminar on the topic "More on Islam" or "Muslims' Worldview" to people who attended the morning services and are interested to learn more.
Monday (if needed): Islam Awareness Seminar. (Open to pastors and lay leaders in the city as well as to eager church members. This seminar could be two hours long). Another option is to do this seminar on Saturday.
Leave on Tuesday.