Unshackled and Growing

If you are a Muslim, are you like Mahatma Gandhi, attracted to Christ but not to Western Christianity? Would you like to know more about Christ? Do you share the famous Muslim mystic Rai'a al-Adawiya's genuine desire to be close to God? If so, "Unshackled and Growing" was written for you.

If you are a Christian, are you tired of performing to impress people? Are you tired of living a life of legalism trying to please God and to appease him? Do you have a deep desire to enjoy the love of God? If so, Unshackled and Growing was written for you.

As a Christian, do you have a Muslim friend who would like to learn about Jesus? If so, Unshackled and Growing was written to both of you.

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The Christian life is both coming to Christ through faith in Him and then walking with Him the rest of one's days. Dr. Jabbour addresses both of these issues with clarity and simplicity.
Jerry Bridges, author of the bestseller The Pursuit of Holiness

Are you curious to know the truth about Jesus' life and message? Then read this book. There is no other like it. Nabeel Jabbour has written this book to people who admire Jesus' life and wonder if he was more than a prophet. He writes with the historical and biblical accuracy of a scholar, and with the gentleness of a true follower of Jesus.
Jim Petersen, teacher and author

This unique and valuable book explains in simple and straightforward language how curiosity can lead to genuine attraction to the man Jesus and then to personal trust.
Colin Chapman, professor and author of several books

I want to strongly urge you, my colleagues and my friends who love Muslims, to introduce this book to them.
Rick Love, author and former International Director of Frontiers