Launching a Faster Website

Fast Website.jpg

In 2014, I launched a website and have used it since then with monthly blogs. In 2017, a physician friend of mine who used to help me with my website, informed me how frustrating it was for him to work on the website because it was extremely slow, and the platform was outdated. Then in 2018 I received a message from a very good friend of mine in South Africa who is an expert on computer issues saying: “Your blog has gotten really slow lately. It has never been particularly fast (from my side of the world, at least) but lately, it takes an age to load. I can't think how users with slow internet connections must be experiencing it.” Well, in December 2018 and in January 2019, God blessed me with a websites’ expert who migrated my website to a much faster platform. It looks the same as the old website, but it is much faster and easier to use. Please have a look at it

In this faster website you can access the books that I have written. Over the years, I have written four books in the English language and three in Arabic. Please go to the Books’ tab and have a look. Perhaps at another time you can scan the contents of the website by reading the Home page, the About page and the Frequently Asked Questions. 

In the Blogs’ tab, there is a wealth of information. Please scroll in the Blogs’ tab and see the variety of topics along with the photos that go with each blog. Here are a couple of illustrations of what you will see in the blogs.

Recently we celebrated Christmas. If you like to read about a radical understanding of Christmas, please go to these two blogs in this order.

A)      Christmas… A Different Perspective

B)      The Impact of a Novel

On the other hand if you want to acquire a broader and deeper understanding of why there are Muslim fundamentalists, why there was a 9/11 and why there is an al Qaeda and ISIS/ISIL, then please read these very important four blogs in this order.

A)      ISIS/ISIL: 10 Reasons Muslims are Eager to Join

B)      ISIL’s Theological Roots: Ten Men

C)      ISIL’s Theological Roots: The Next Three Men

D)      ISIL’s Theological Roots: The Last Two Men

At the end of every year, my wife and I, think back of God’s blessings during the past year and we write on what we call The Chain. We started “counting” our blessings by writing them down in December 1991, and every year we added more blessings. May you enjoy a deep and meaningful relationship with our Lord in 2019 and may the grace of the Lord Jesus be with you.

Dr. Nabeel Jabbour