Full Circle


In April 2018, I wrote a blog with the title “Agonizing Over A Decision.” I was facing a toughdecision, not between a right and a wrong optionbut between two right options. What you will read below in this blog, will not make sense unless you go back and read or reread the blog of April 2018 with the title “Agonizing Over a Decision.” Please read that blog now.

Since I wrote the blog of April 2018, we have gone full circle. In that blog I shared about the partial tears in two ligaments in my right elbow, and how this affects my decision regarding a very important trip that should take place in 2019.

Several people responded to that blog and contacted me, and we received valuable suggestions. One person suggested that we video the course and send the relevant lectures to “Peter” as videos. So, in July 2018, we videoed the whole 44 hours course on “Islam and the Geopolitics of the Middle East.” In a couple of months, the editing process will start. Others suggested that I travel to that distant country with someone who will be able to pay for his own ticket and would be willing to help me with the luggage during the whole trip.

What encouraged us the most was the responses of people who wanted to travel with me on that confidential and important trip to help me with the luggage. Those who volunteered to travel with me were from Singapore, South Africa, Nigeria, Jordan and the USA. One of our sons volunteered to travel with me as well. A very good friend from the States offered not only to travel with me but to pay for both of our tickets. But, still Idid not have peace.

Recently I felt burdened to send a document to “Peter” in that distant country and Iasked him to read it and evaluate it for me. In the meantime, I reached out to the author of that document and asked him if he would be willing to visit “Peter” in my place in 2019.

I am in awe how God worked everything out. Instead of me taking the trip, this man of God along with a friend of his who is fluent in the language of that country along with a citizen of that country, are going to visit “Peter.” So, a team of three people, the right kind of people, are going to make the trip to that country in 2019.

What started in May 2011 with the email interactions with Peter has matured to full circle. Please pray that God will give these three men favor in the eyes of the 30 evangelists and church planters who will be attending the seminar in that distant country. Please also pray that there will be repeated visits to that country and acontinued co-laborship in the future.

Thinking back over this whole experience brings to mind certain lessons:

  • None of us is indispensable.

  • There is beauty of living in submission to God and trusting him rather than being driven.

  • My significance is in being God’s child and ambassador rather than in taking big trips.

  • At my age I need to slow down, narrow my focus and invest our resources wisely.

One of our values as Navigators states: “Interdependent relationships in the body of Christ in advancing the gospel.” My experience with “Peter” illustrates the beauty ofGod’s body at work in advancing the gospel.

Dr. Nabeel Jabbour