Nabeel T. Jabbour

I was born in Syria, grew up in Lebanon and went to college at the American University of Beirut. Then I went to seminary at the Near East School of Theology in Beirut. I taught for two years at a high school in Tripoli, Lebanon.

In 1970 I got married and moved to Beirut where I taught Psychology and History of Civilizations at Haigazian University. In 1972, I left teaching and joined the Navigators full time.

In 1975 I moved to Egypt with my family and lived there until 1990. In 1991 I earned a Doctorate in Theology (in Islamics) from the University of South Africa in Pretoria. Since January 1991, we have been living in Colorado Springs and have been American citizens since 1997.

I have written three books in Arabic and four books in English. The books in English are The Rumbling Volcano on Islamic Fundamentalism, and The Unseen Reality -- A Panoramic View of Spiritual Warfare, and Unshackled and Growing. The latest book is The Crescent Through the Eyes of the Cross, on the Muslims' worldview.

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