Unshackled and Growing

As a Muslim are you like Mahatma Gandhi, attracted to Christ but not to Western Christianity? Would you like to know more about Christ? Do you share the famous Muslim mystic Rai'a al-Adawiya's genuine desire to be close to God? If so, "Unshackled and Growing" was written for you. Are you tired of living a life of legalism whether you are a Christian or a Muslim, if so this book was written for you.

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As a Christian, are you tired of legalism? Do you have a deep desire to enjoy the love of God? If so, Unshackled and Growing was written for you. As a Christian, do you have a Muslim friend who would like to learn about Jesus? If so, Unshackled and Growing was written to both of you.


The Christian life is both coming to Christ through faith in Him and then walking with Him the rest of one's days. Dr. Jabbour addresses both of these issues with clarity and simplicity.
Jerry Bridges, author of the bestseller The Pursuit of Holiness

Unshackled and Growing is an extraordinarily helpful resource for any Muslim who is seeking to learn more about Jesus and who is concerned with comparing the worldviews of Islam and Christianity. Dr. Jabbourís familiarity with Arabic and Islamic culture and the concerns of Muslim people make this an insightful book. As a former Muslim who has come to faith in Jesus, I wish that I had the benefit of this book during my own journey.
Abdu Murray, lawyer and co-founder, Aletheia International

Numerous books that I read about Christianity failed to help me explain my faith effectively to my Muslim family and friends. Dr. Jabbourís book is readable with stories and illustrations that speak to the Muslim mind. He presents the pure and biblical Gospel and invites the reader to be a "follower of Jesus", not a Western Christian.
Dr. Hatice Turker, university professor