The Crescent Through the Eyes of the Cross

Unpacks and addresses the issues that describe the worldview of Muslims.

What people are saying about The Crescent Through the Eyes of the Cross:

This book is both timely and necessary for Western Christians to read and ponder - timely because Muslims are widely perceived as the enemy, necessary because Christians are under command to love the enemy. Jabbour gives faces to Muslims so that we can obey Jesus' command.
Eugene H. Peterson, Translator, The Message Bible   

I am pleased to recommend The Crescent Through the Eyes of the Cross by Nabeel Jabbour. By stepping into the shoes of Muslims and looking through their eyes, Jabbour helps Christians understand them in these troubled days, love them as God does, and express their witness more relevantly.
J. Dudley Woodberry, Dean Emeritus and Senior Professor of Islamic studies, Fuller Theological Seminary

Unfortunately, many Christians follow the confrontational approach with Muslims rather than an approach of compassion, understanding, and love. This is why when I read Nabeel Jabbourís book, I recovered a sense of confidence in myself as a Muslim who is a follower of Christ and began to get rid of my feelings of guilt for coming to Christ from such a stigmatized background. Indeed some of what I read, written by my western Christian brothers, contributed over the years to making me feel like a cultural convict, because they kept undermining the thing by which I culturally live - my worldview, which in no way takes away from my faith in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.
Dr. Norddin e Al Arabi , professor and author

Endorsements of the Dutch book

Our Christian witness in the Muslim world is being challenged on all sides. But just in time, before one reaches the point of desperation, my friend Jabbour comes out with this extremely valuable and easy-to-read book. I pray that the reading of this book will result in the word ëIslamí taking on the new meaning of ëI sincerely love all Muslims.í Only if this happens will there be hope. Read this book, devour it, and let it transform your thinking. Our generation is worth this.
Anne van der Bijl  (Brother Andrew)

Nabeel Jabbour writes more than merely speculatively over the ideas and beliefs of Islam. In his writings he has succeeded to help me see things through the eyes of people whoóbecause they are Muslimsóthink differently than I do. The respect and understanding that I have gained is a great incentive to make more effort in my communication with Muslims about Jesus and the Kingdom of God. This is a book that does something to you!
Bernard Terlouw, Director of the Dutch Navigators

This book has really touched me - not only because Jabbour has succeeded in showing in a moving way what Muslims really believe and experience, but also because he holds a mirror before my face. How can it be that many Muslims are really impressed with Jesus, but not with Christianity? This question gives food for thought. Everyone who is aware of the challenges of evangelism in our world today should really read this book.
Bernhard Reitsma, Professor in the Free University in Amsterdam, project leader CHE and Islam and missiology teacher at CHE